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Office of the Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement

The Stamps Family Charitable Foundation (SFCF)

Inspired by the impact that their university experiences have had on their lives, E. Roe Stamps IV and his wife, Penny, have chosen to support exceptional students in their pursuit of higher education. The Stamps Family Foundation has worked with great universities to create programs offering enriched educational experiences for Stamps Scholars. It is their hope that today’s Stamps Scholars will become mentors and supporters of the next generation of promising young students.

E. Roe Stamps IV received both his Bachelor (’67) and Masters (’72) degrees in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. He received a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard Business School in 1974. Penny Stamps is a 1966 graduate of the University of Michigan School of Art & Design

In recent years, the Stamps have made a number of significant contributions to higher education. Beneficiaries include the University of Michigan, Georgia Institute of Technology, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Miami. Many of the donations were made by the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation, where Stamps serves as treasurer and his wife as president.


Stamps Leadership Scholar Awards at the University of Illinois

The Stamps Leadership Scholars Program was created to recognize and reward exceptional students for their leadership, perseverance, scholarship, service and innovation. The scholarship covers not only the total estimated cost of attendance, but also includes an Enrichment Fund to support study abroad, undergraduate research, unpaid internships, conferences and other enrichment activities as approved by the Foundation.


Persons eligible for the scholarship will include prospective students who have been accepted to Illinois and notified by January 1 of the year of the candidate’s anticipated high school graduation date. The University will nominate up to five candidates who best exemplify the values of the program: leadership, overcoming obstacles, scholarship, service and innovation.

Selection Process

  • Illinois will submit the names of up to five students to SFCF by January 15.

  • SFCF will correspond with the candidates no later than February 1 to request supplementary materials and to schedule an interview no later than March 1.

  • The selection of recipients will be announced by March 31.

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