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Office of the Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement

About the University

The University of Illinois began with the belief that students should explore and test and think for themselves.  It built one of the world’s very best academic libraries as a place where students and researchers could access humanity’s accumulated knowledge.  It developed a faculty that could both lead in discovery and instill passion in young minds. It remains a servant of the public, reaching across the state and around the globe to train young professionals, build economies, share knowledge that improves the quality of lives…and listen for new opportunities. Illinois is a place where exploration is encouraged, intelligent risks are taken, and scholars’ paths cross at what can be incredibly productive intersections.


Brag Points

It’s easy to brag about the University of Illinois. There’s just so much material! Learn more about the Urbana campus by following these links:



Brilliant Futures: The Campaign for the University of Illinois launched its public phase June 1, 2007. The ambitious effort to raise $2.25 billion for the system as a whole - $1.5 billion for the Urbana campus – is going well. To learn more about Brilliant Futures visit here.

Past campaigns at the University of Illinois have also met with success. The first, The Campaign for Illinois, opened in the fall of 1979 and concluded December 31, 1984. The campaign produced $133 million for the University – outpacing the initial goal of $100 million.

Campaign Illinois was launched in the fall of 1991 with a $1 billion goal. When the campaign closed on December 31, 2000 a total of $1.53 billion had been raised. At the time it was one of the largest campaigns ever by a public university.