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Alexis Kadonsky Alexis

Alexis Kadonsky chose Illinois because she felt it was the best art school in the state. Five days before moving to campus, Alexis learned she had received the Clyde P. Davis scholarship, an award of $26,000 a year for four years. She burst into tears.

Art was Alexis first choice of a major, but being something of a realist, she also knew it wasn’t going to be easy. She had planned on working to help cover costs and the choice of Illinois also left the door open to change majors if she had too. The scholarship changed her life and finalized her decision to major in art.

For Alexis, art isn’t about pretty pictures on a wall; it’s about making people think. And while some may be born with talent she feels you still have to work hard to perfect technique. Alexis states that "Determination is one of my strong attributes. I have willpower not because it is required of me, but because I yearn to find my full potential. I find myself in a game of truth or dare; I dare myself to be pushed to my limits, and I try to find the truth in the question: is it worth the strain?”


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Alexis' work.