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Giving Stories

Jamie Goldberg

As a small child Jamie Goldberg struggled to read. When others gave up, a first grade teacher believed in her, and offered tutoring instead of labeling her learning disabled. It’s no surprise that Jamie now wants to be an elementary teacher.

Jamie is a 2007 and 2008 William Chandler Bagley Scholarship Recipient in the College of Education. This recognition is important to her because it has been so difficult to achieve. Jamie states, “I like to learn and I get excited about sharing new things. It’s an honor to be recognized for the time and effort it takes to do well.”

Jamie has a great deal of respect for her Education professors. “They are knowledgeable and motivating,” comments Jamie. She also feels she has learned a great deal out of the classroom as well. College has provided an opportunity to become a complete person. “You learn to take care of yourself, you learn about people different from you and end up learning about yourself – you get a diversity of thought and issues,” remarks Jamie. In the end, she has learned how to put others first and be sensitive to individual needs.

It is this complete learning that Jamie hopes to take into the classroom. Wise beyond her years, Jamie reflects, “All schools have challenges – rich, poor or in between. Teachers can make a difference with any child.”


Jamie with her mom and dad.